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[21 Apr 2007|05:52pm]

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here at sharpesbluebell

[14 Apr 2007|06:54pm]

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I'm glad I'm only picturing the moment, and I'm glad she never fell in love with me...

[02 Apr 2007|01:05am]

There's a new unofficial and alternative Jamie Cullum forum online, check it out at: http://www.PointlessNostalgic.com

Everyone's welcome!

hey people! [23 Mar 2007|05:15pm]

johanna here from the PN forums! thought i'd join the community here too. :D

jamie rocks!!!

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[18 Mar 2007|09:12am]

Hi everyone -

Just joined the community - thought I'd share some videos and pictures from Jamie's brilliant show in Boston this past September.

Videos (there are four of them in the middle of all the videos of my nephew)


Enjoy! =)


Hi all! [24 Feb 2007|03:24pm]

I just discovered this community and tell you what, I've been reading all the posts this whole day! lol I noticed noone has posted lately, so here's a small news from my country. I'll be seeing Jamie next week! March 4, 2007. Jakarta Java Jazz Festival. It's a three days jazz festival, with lots of other jazz artists from around the world, including Chaka Khan, Eric Benet, Level 42 etc. Jamie will be playing for special show at the last day.

I'm so excited! It's a once in a lifetime chance, almost unbelieveable. I thought I'll never be able to see him live, and that I could only watch him through youtube. But yay he's really coming! One more week to see him! I'll post a review and some pics after the show. ^_^

Does anyone have any tips on 'what you should do when you watch Jamie'? I'd really appreciate it. XD

I've posted about the gig in PN forum. My name is Fayeth there. Haven't posted much, just lurking around, because I'm shy. Hehe. :)

Winter Wonderland [23 Dec 2006|01:17pm]

I just got a mailing list email thing with Jamie's 'Winter Wonderland' there for downloading. Unfortunately my computer is being annoying and won't let me download it. Could anyone send it to me or something?

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[23 Oct 2006|11:27am]

Jamie's myspace has a song called 'Lost', which I've not heard of until now. Does anyone have it, and if so, could they upload it to yousendit or something? I'd be eternally grateful. :)
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Jamie Cullum Concert Photos [15 Oct 2006|08:13am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Thought I'd share a link to some Jamie Cullum pix....check it out here: http://www.musicpix.net/index.php?module=PostWrap&page=Jamie_Cullum


[10 Oct 2006|09:37pm]

The concert last night in Miami was beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, sexy, and obviously amazing. Did anyone else go? I forgot my camera, and my friend's camera battery was dead. :( I'd love a pic or two from that freaking amazing night.

Highlights: twentysomething (I just love that song)
beatboxing/singing "Sexy Back" and "Don'tcha" or whatever -- that Pussy cat dolls song
three encores
seeing the first concert ever in that venue
Jamie running into the audience to sing a song I don't remember, but it was awesome, sans mic, with only bass playing
Jamie splashing water all over the crowd, himself, and the stage for "Singing in the Rain"

I hope you all get a chance to see him. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen, period.
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9:30 Club - Washington, DC (10/6/06) [09 Oct 2006|03:14pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Anyone else attend the Oct. 6th gig @ the 9:30 club in Washington, DC this past Friday?

I was there. It was my first Jamie show and certainly not my last. I can't believe I allowed myself to wait this long to see him live. The show was truly amazing! I had such a wonderful time. Jamie was bursting with energy and was in an excellent mood.

I had an exceptional spot in the front row directly in front of Jamie's grand. It was so incredible to be that close. A few times during the night I thought Jamie was going to step on my hands - but that wouldn't be so terrible if he did. ;)

I did write down the setlist from this show. I was very pleased with what was played!
SetlistCollapse )

Here are just a select handful of the many shots I took Friday night. I have a ton more. I took over 100 pictures! I had no idea I amounted that many. I guess I was so excited I kept snapping photos every chance I got. Can you blame me?

A few picturesCollapse )

Rest of the pictures I took

I also snuck a few video clips before I was asked to stop. You can view them here if you would like. :)

I'm sorry that the sound in at least one video is not in sync with the footage. That is not the case on my computer. I also apologize that a couple of the videos are a little shakey.

I didn't meet Jamie afterwards. I very well could have. I waited about 25 minutes before I decided to just leave. I had a long two hour drive home ahead of me. I did see Geoff and Sebastian come out. They walked right past me. I smiled and they did the same back. I'll just waited until next year when Jamie plans on being back in the states!

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[29 Sep 2006|12:42pm]


Is anyone going to Jamie's show tonight at the Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan?


[19 Sep 2006|10:10pm]


hey all :)  i'm sarah, from NYC & i'm new.  i've been a jamie fan for a few years now.

long story short, i can't make it to the show on the 29th in NYC @ Roseland Ballroom.  Would anyone be in need of a ticket/know someone who needs a ticket?  I won't charge all the ticketmaster fees, just the $40 face value.  let me know i guess ASAP.

Thanks in advance!

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[01 Sep 2006|11:45pm]

[ mood | creative ]

6 Jamie iconsCollapse )

I recommend you guys and girls check out Umbria Jazz's photo gallery of Jamie, since it has some nice shots. You can find them here, if you click "Jamie Cullum".

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Quick Question! [27 Aug 2006|10:39pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey guys!

I hope I won't come across as a rabid fangirl (because I'm not), but some friends of mine and I are going to see Jamie at the 9:30 Club in DC on Oct. 7 and we were wondering what the chances are of meeting him to sign an autograph for a friend of ours that won't be able to make it to the show.

I've heard he's pretty chill about meeting folks after shows, but I don't know if that's a common thing or more of an occasional deal.

Either way works, we just wanted to get a general idea! Thanks! <3

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This only got approved today but, still... [20 Aug 2006|11:27am]

Happy Birthday to Jamie! A whole 27 years old today last Sunday..
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[18 Aug 2006|11:43pm]

Hi all-- I'm a big Jamie Cullum fan, but since I don't live in the UK, I can't download his covers of Everlasting Love or God Only Knows off of iTunes. Can anyone point me to the right place (or be my hero and upload the songs as mp3s for me?) Thank you!
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Hi new member here. [01 Jul 2006|09:35pm]

I just had the pleasure of seeing Jamie perform live last night at the Westhampton Performing Arts Center on Long Island N.Y. Wow!! what an amazing performer he is I had no idea.

I recently discovered Jamie when I saw an ad on tv for his latest CD featuring a video of him performing London Skies which I immediately fell in love with. I wasn't really that into his other music but when I heard he would be performing live right here on Long Island I figured what the heck I'd check it out. Boy am I glad I did... the show was awesome. He really knows how to connect with the audience & his lively antics are so amusing.

At one point towards the end of the show this guy in the audience in the front row started taking photos & was then pulled aside by the management & made to leave. Jamie noticed this & when he finished singing his song made mention about how it was ok to take photos. He seemed genuinely concerned about how they pulled that guy out of there. After that all of sudden everyone started taking out their camera phones & were photographing him while he was down in the audience climbing about the seats up front.

Even though I wasn't really into Jamie's jazzy music & just liked the one song London Skies after seeing him perform live I must say he really won me over.
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Help! [08 May 2006|12:53pm]

Does anyone have an extra ticket or two for the Jamie Cullum concert tonight? Please let me know ASAP, or I'm going by myself. Thanks!

Jamie Cullum Concert Review [03 May 2006|03:28pm]

Hey guys, I finally have done my Jamie review on the concerts I went to. So if you're wanting to read them, then go here. And then you may want to go here seeing as it relates.

Happy reading! :)
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